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The sativas varieties height range from 2.4 to 6 meters; they produce 150 grams to 2 kg 200 grams of sinsemilla bud. The sativa origin can be found anywhere, but most tropical marijuana varieties are sativas. The leaf paddles are long and narrow, and of a very clear green color. The branches are symmetrical to irregular, but usually the distances between the branches are long and the branches are uniform and well spaced. The stigmas of the female (the two “hair” of a female flower) is most often of a white pure. The maturation arrive generally late in the season, from mid-October to December for the tropical varieties, but also as soon as July for the tempered region varieties.

The indicas varieties are shorter, the usual height is between 1.2 to 2.4 meters and they produce 110 grams to 900 grams of sinsemilla. The indicas varieties originates for the most part from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India. The leaves habitually are of a blue very dark green, and can develop a crimson shade. The leave paddles are shorter but much more thicker than the sativas varieties. The branches are generally symmetrical and thick with small distance between them. The flower stigma is usually white, but can also be red or purple; the buds tend to be fuller and compact than the usual sativas. Most of the time, the indicas reach maturation state sooner, from end August to October.

The ruderalis varieties have narrower leaf paddles, that have similarities to salivas: the plants are short, 30 cm to 1.5 m of heigth and most of the branches are very scattered with relatively long distance between each other. Often the ruderalis only have two to three pairs of leaves before flourishing and typic production is only 7 grams to 55 grams of sinsemilla. Native from URSS, the ruderalis is very quick to mature and can ripe as early as mid-July. Generally, the ruderalis start blooming a few weeks after germinating but does not form correct sized bud, if there are some, until the photoperiod attain 18 to 19 hours of length.

The American hemps heigth is usually 1.8 to 3.6 meters with the leaves, the buds color and characteristic are like the sativas varieties. These “bad herbs” are very resistant (in fact the authorities were not able to eliminate those annoying “bad herbs”). They are mature early, from the end of july to the start of October.

All experimented cultivator saw considerable overlappings among these characteristics. There are indicas varieties that can produce 2 kg of buds, and there are sativa varieties that have red stigmas. A lot of the best growing plant in the USA are hybrid, and it’s possible that you will see all the characteristic shown here combined.

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Mernahuana said...

very informative. could be broken down into several sections. of course buying a good book or two helps plenty. as a medicinal marijuana grower i'd come back to your site to bone up on my skills. love the strain section too.

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